Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 4, Spring 2017 
5. Ecological Footprint of Foodstuff in Iran

Pages 1023-1034


A. Koocheki; M. Nassiri Mahallati; Surur Khorramdel

12. Ecological Weed Management in Cereal-legume Intercroping

Pages 1121-1134


Leila Soleimanpour; Ruhollah Naderi; Ehsan Bijanzadeh; Yahya Emam

16. Documenting the Process of Wheat Production in Irrigated and Rain-fed Systems in Golestan Province

Pages 1177-1202


Maryam Tahmasebi; Mahmood ramroudi; Afshin Soltani; Ahmad Ghanbari; Barat Ali Fakheri

18. Evaluation of Freezing Tolerance of Some Thyme (Thymus spp.) Species in Green Space

Pages 1217-1227


Hassan Maleki Lajayer; Hedayat Zakizadeh; Yousof Hamidoghli; Esmaeil Chamani; Mohammad Hassan Biglouei

19. Effect on Mycorrhizal Fungi Symbiosis and Priming on Yield and Yield Components of Sesame Seeds at Levels of Drought Stress

Pages 1229-1244


abdolhossein askari; Mohammad Reza Ardekani; Saeed Vazan; Farzad Paknejad; Yaaghoob Hosseini