Guide for Authors

How to submit an article

The sender of the article must be a member of the faculty. After registering on the journal site, the author must enter the article submission section and carefully complete all the requested information.

Essential files when submitting an article

The main file of the article should be submitted in both Word and Pdf format. This file should have a title, Persian abstract, keywords in Persian, introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion, conclusion, references, and extended English abstract.

Commitment file: All authors must sign this file.

Conflict of interest file

Excel file of figures

Authors' affiliation file: This file includes the title of the article, the authors' names and their academic rank in Persian and English, e-mail, and telephone numbers of all authors.

 Author guidelines for manuscript preparation and submission

- Since the purpose of the Journal of Agroecology is to join ISI journals, it will be necessary to consider the following in writing the article.

The article's text should be typed on A4 paper with a distance of one between the lines and two and a half centimeters from the margins, and with MS-Word software with Mitra font size 12 figures and tables should be transferred to the same software. The figures and tables' titles should be written in both Persian and English in MS-Word software and separately from the figure with a B Mitra font and size 12 with a line spacing of one. All figures and tables are frameless.

- The number of pages of the article is set to a maximum of 20 pages.

- All units of measurement are based on a metric system.

- All lines of the text of the article should be continuously numbered (Line numbering).

- Each article should include sections of introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion, conclusion, acknowledgment, list of references, and an extended abstract and their content following each section's title.

- The title of the article should be short and fully introduce the research subject, a maximum of 20 words should be written in B Mitra font size 14.

- Article specifications page includes items: article title, author or authors affiliations including name and surname, academic degree, postal and e-mail address, contact phone number, name of the corresponding author in Persian and then English title of the article, author or authors affiliations including name and surname, academic degree and address should be written in English (without page number).

- On the first page, the title of the article in Persian, the abstract of the article, and keywords (without mentioning the authors' names) should be given.

- The extended abstract should be prepared based on the following instructions:

- This abstract, which replaces the short abstract, should be between 700-600 words and have the following components separately:

1. Title                                                

2. Introduction

3. Materials and Methods

4. Results and Discussion

5. Conclusion

6. Acknowledgements

7. Keywords

 In addition, there should be a logical fit between the parts of the extended abstract, meaning that 30% is related to the introduction, 20% to the materials and methods, and 50% to the results and discussion, and at the end, a general conclusion should be written.

Keywords should be given at the end of the abstract and a maximum of six words. Keywords should not appear in the title of the article.



All the references should be cited throughout the manuscript text as well as in the Reference section organized in accordance with the APA reference style.

Article Processing Charge(APCs)

The Journal of Agrocology does not receive any money from authors for initial review of articles. However, articles that are accepted after the judging process must pay two million rials for editing and publishing articles.

The files related to the instructions for writing and preparing articles for the Journal of Agroecology and the authors' commitment letter can be downloaded from the following section.

Letter of commitment

Conflict of interest

Writing Style