Evaluation of wheat genotypes for yield and grain- filling rate of wheat genotypes under non stress and post anthesis drought stress conditions

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In order to evaluate yield and grain filling rate and period and
Correlation between rate and duration of grain filling Whit final weight of 10 wheat genotypes and comparison of stress indices among them, an experiment was carried out in Ardabil Agricultural Research Station under non stress and terminal water stress (stop irrigation after pollination stage) conditions based on randomized complete block design in three replications during 2009-2010 seasons. Analysis of variance showed that for grain yield, the genotype and environment effects were significant but their interaction was insignificant. Genotypes 2 (Bow"s"/Crow"s"//Kie"s"/Vee"s"/3/MV17) and 4 (Spb"s"// K134 (60)Vee"s"/3/ Druchamps /4/Alvd) with 3830 and 3690 kg/ha produced the highest yield in terminal drought stress conditions. The effect of genotype, environment and their interaction was significant for grain filling rate and period. The correlation coefficient between traits indicated that there were negative correlation between grain filling rate and period. In terms of grain filling rate the genotype 7 (F130-L-1-12/MV12(ATILLA-12) with 1.29 mg/day showed the highest filling rate in stress condition and the genotypes 3 (Owl/Siossons//Zrn), 4 (Spb"s"//K134(60)Vee"s"/3/Druchamps/4/Alvd) and 7 (F130-L-1-12/MV12(ATILLA-12) with 1.41 mg/day and showed the highest filling rate in non-stressed condition. Results showed that for all of genotypes the filling rate in non-stressed condition was greater than stressed conditions. There are significant differences between the genotypes for grain filling rate, however, grain yield increased with the rate of grain filling product is no longer available.