Effects of salinity on germination of four ecotypes of Kochia scoparia L.

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Production of beneficial halophytes such as kochia (Kochia scoparia) using saline waters and soils is one of the most sustainable methods of conservation in desert ecosystems. Kochia is one of the most common annual halophytes grown in Iran. Seed germination of four ecotypes of kochia in saline conditions was carried out using factorial based on Completely Randomized Design with four replicates of 25 seeds. The treatments were salinity in six levels (0, 7, 14, 21, 28 and 35 dS m-1 NaCl) and four ecotypes (Birjand, Sabzevar, Borojerd and Esfahan) of kochia seeds. Germination rate decreased as salinity increased. Up to 7 dS m-1 salinity had no significant effect on germination, but after that, the germination percentages and rate of germination reduced significantly. The Esfahan seed lot was the most sensitive ecotype to salinity with germination of %83 at 7 dSm-1. Sabzevar ecotype showed maximum germination percentages and the rate of germination. Birjand and Borojerd ecotypes had also desirable germination in saline conditions.


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